(Non-unionized position)


The Bear River First Nation is seeking an elementary school teacher from September 2017 to August 2018 with possible extension.  This is an ideal opportunity to experience a unique, rural teaching experience with a classroom size from 3 to 10 children.  The successful candidate will work as a part of a hands on, energetic atmosphere focused on creating success for all our kindergarten students and may include other elementary grade levels.


BACKGROUND – It is the feeling of the Elders, Chief, Council and Community Members that a school on reserve will better serve the academic and cultural needs of its children. Our children need to learn about their culture in a meaningful way by participating in actual events within the community as well as with guests, elders and community members as guides and teachers. They also need to learn their Mi’kmaw language. These important aspects will allow them to identify with their culture more meaningfully as well as develop their self-esteem and sense of self. By focusing on their cultural development as well as their academic skills we feel our children will grow to become more secure in their abilities and therefore become community members capable of shaping our future moving forward.

The Nova Scotia curriculum and outcomes will guide this pilot project for assessment of the children’s academic progress. We are also incorporating aspects from the curriculum used in Finland to allow the children to learn at their pace doing activities and projects that are of interest to them specifically. Many culturally meaningful activities will be planned, attended and learned. As well, our language will be learned and used on a daily basis as it is in our Day Care Programs.  Our school year will be yearlong with scheduled breaks as follows:

Vacation #1 September 25 – October 13

Vacation #2 December 18 – January 8

March Break – March 12-16

Vacation #3 April 23 – May 13

Vacation #4 July 23 – August 12 – when returning after this vacation grading/graduation occurs

These vacations are timed to correspond with community hunting/gathering trips so that the children can attend these important cultural events with family. These are necessary for these life-sustaining skills to be handed down to future hunters/gathers of the community.  The classroom for this pilot project will be housed at the existing Learning Center within our community and offers indoor and outdoor classrooms, use of technology, access to an indoor gymnasium, outdoor play area and meal program.


Eligibility Requirements:

  • Bachelor of Education and have the required teacher certification
  • Adaptable and flexible in a supportive learning environment
  • Strong communication and classroom management skills
  • Evidence of student-centered learning experiences
  • Commitment to professional development, and self-motivated
  • Strong organizational skills, as well as knowledge of curriculum
  • Current Criminal Check
  • Minimum one year teaching experience
  • Culturally Sensitive


Salary Range – $40,000.00 to 45,000.00 over 52 weeks (non-unionized position)

(while the breaks are paid time off, curriculum planning for the next quarter should be done during this time)

  • Special note: Medical and extra pension plans are the responsibility of the Employee



Deadline for Applications – September 25, 2017 – 10:00 AM

Anticipated Start Date – immediately following hiring process


Please forward cover letter and resumes to the Bear River Band Office in a sealed envelope marked with the job position and confidential.

Bear River First Nation
130 Reservation Road, PO Box 210
Bear River, NS, B0S 1B0

Phone – 902-467-3802