It’s that time of year again!
The Communal Cook Tent will be set up for everyone to use!
William “Bub” Harlow will be the guide throughout the time of the hunt.

September 22nd 2017– October 6th 2017
Base Camp: 60KM Island Lake

Must be or have:

  • Registered Band Members
  • Registered, insured and inspected vehicle
  • Hunters have to be willing to take their own gear
  • Be prepared for anything to happen – i.e.: flat tires.
  • Non-registered band members are allowed to attend as help only
  • Hunters Orange, Boots, Weather Appropriate Clothing, Rain Jacket, Thermal Gear, etc.

Youth Participation:

  • We encourage youth to participate in the hunt; 16 years and older as learners.
  • Any youth under the age of 16 MUST be accompanied by a parent

Breakfast & Supper is provided as well as sandwiches for lunch. If you wish to have any personal snacks or treats please feel free to bring them.

Any Communal Hunters up for their personal hunt are more than welcome to use the Communal Cook Tent.

We look forward to a safe and successful Moose Hunt.

This moose hunt feeds on average 25 households on reserve, provides lunches for the school as well as community events put on by the Health Center and Band Office.